All Jrk Bros sites are open Wednesday-Sunday 12pm-10pm.

The best way to order is to call us on 0800 037 2727 and select which location you would like to order from.

Collection is currently only available at our SE12 site.

All Chicken & Lamb is Halal, we are working on expanding this across the entire menu.

Unfortunately not, but we have recently launched our own bespoke fusion Special Fried Rice.

Breakfast service runs from 12pm-3.30pm

Yes, you absolutely can. We are working hard to ensure that our full menu is available from 12pm every day. It is just breakfast that has time limitations as above.

Our delivery partners (Just Eat, Uber & Deliveroo) should all have add ons available for any breakfast main meal. If you are having difficulties then please place your order with us. However please note that you can add to any breakfast for an additional cost but swapping items is not available.

As of April 2021 the only meat with bones will be our Chicken Wings, apart from them we are completely boneless.

We generally operate a delivery radius of up to 5 miles from each site, this is however dependant on the time, day, weather and other factors like driver availability. It is always best to call and check.

We don’t think 99% of businesses will tell you this, but the honest truth is that we pay our drivers £5.50 per drop and we have a radius double the size of any mainstream delivery partner, so for that we hope you appreciate us and put up with the slightly higher end of the delivery fees.

Clearly we need to market better, but yes indeed we do. We have currently worked with a number of festivals, private parties, funerals, brunches & UK artists. Stay tuned as we have huge plans for the future in this space.

If you order directly with us, then we take payment through any of the major Credit or Debit card providers, Cash or Paypal/Payment Link. Please call in for more information.

THE million dollar question…Well first of all it’s a real pain point for us, but just to be clear deliveries aren’t actually always over an hour and if you order at certain times and live in certain postcodes you’re likely to never really wait an hour. However we are aware a significant number of orders fall into the 1hr+ category and we are doing our best to manage this. The first reality is that we cook fresh to order (don’t let that go over your head) because we don’t know of a restaurant in our space or our size that does this, please don’t mention Nandos, save yourself from the truth. We don’t want to make up your burgers and meals and have them sit around for 45 minutes before you get them, you may never notice the difference? But we do, and the main purpose of Jrk Bros is and always will be quality comes first. Secondly, we have a huge menu for our size and we don’t want to reduce it because we think you all deserve it. Third, if you are in certain postcodes like DA5, SE28, SE16, BR5, SE15 etc you are very lucky to be able to get a Jrk Bros as we really shouldn’t deliver that far, but again we want you to experience it. Orders to them postcodes are always likely to experience delays. This brings us to our last point… Peak times. Now we know (from our experience) that all our customers seem to fancy Jrk Bros between the hours of 6.30-9pm Thurs, Fri & Sat and as much as we can prepare for this, more staff, more drivers etc. There are just times where we simply can not cope with the order volume, we are not McDonalds and/or Uber eats, our kitchen does amazing numbers for the equipment etc we have and the staff work to their absolute maximum we promise but it just isn’t physically possible if everyone orders at once right now. Our worst case scenario is that we are overrun and have to stop taking orders for the evening, we do absolutely everything in our power to avoid this but sometimes you face the question of should we be honest and tell a customer two hours or tell them we are closed for the night at 8.15pm on a Friday? But on a positive note, its definitely improving and ratings are at record highs so we thank you all.

When lockdown is over and restrictions are lifted we hope that both our SE12 & SE7 sites will resume normal eat in service. Stay tuned for updates

There are a few ways to leave us a review, firstly Google reviews for any of our sites. If you have ordered through one of our delivery partners then you should also be able to review your meal straight after. Your feedback is very important to us.

If you have any issues with your meal or service in the first instance always contact the site in which you ordered from and they should be able to resolve the issue. Regardless if they do or don’t you can always still email us on with the full details. Don’t worry our complaints response time is really quick as we don’t have many to deal with

E-Gift cards actually only launched in April 2021, so if you were trying to enquire about them beforehand then this may have caused confusion. If you would like to purchase, please call up one of our sites and a member of staff will support you through this.

Unfortunately not. Although we do have a limited whats app support and contact service, this isn’t an avenue from which we currently accept orders but stay tuned as you never know where things are heading.
Where can we find allergen information?
Please visit our website for up to date allergen information or please call instore and speak to a member of staff.

Any missing items will be fully refunded, please either contact the relevant site or if you ordered online then please select the ‘item as missing’ and we will resolve. For escalation or further assistance someone is always on hand at

CALL 08000 37 27 27